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Travel With Kids Made Easy

Does the idea of travelling with your littles ...

a) stress you

b) overwhelm you

c) have you thinking of other plans?

Travelling with your small tribe doesn't have to be an overwhelming or stressful experience. With a little planning and preparation, the road trip or long flight can actually be interactive, interesting and...dare I say, FUN? In this post, I share tech-free ways to keep your kids happy and entertained while travelling.

With three kids under three at one point, we made our share of road trips - over 600 kilometres one way - with limited stress. {That's "limited," not ZERO}

Technology is OK for a while, but I found after prolonged perods on the iPad, our kids would get cranky and irritable.

But with a little organization and prep, you can ensure your road trip or plane ride goes smoother and much less stressful with littles.

In this post, I'm sharing some of our family's tried + true activities for a fun, interactive and engaging trip.

Check out the CTV segment we filmed where I share our kids engaged in these activities!

Baking sheets

A baking sheet is my go-to for a work surface or tray to contain the goodies on our trip. Baking sheets are magnetic, allowing for endless possibilities with magnets - alphabets, mix and match magnetic outfits and puzzles are a great way to occupy small hands without making a mess.

Surprise Bags

By far, the most successful trips we’ve had is when we’ve incorporated “surprise bags.” These take a bit of pre-planning, shopping and prep {I know, I know...} but they are such a hit with the kids, and kids love the element of surprise.

How it works

Gather up your supplies.

On each paper bag, write a time (we usually go in 15 minute intervals). At that time on the clock, the child is allowed to open a new surprise bag.

A prompt inside one bag may be: “Can you build a 3D structure?” Using gumdrops and toothpicks provided in the bag.

Another might be: “Can you make a necklace?” Using fruit loops and a pipecleaner.

Here are some others we've tried:

The element of surprise is what get kids excited and engaged the entire time. Prompts can be simple (sticker strips and a new notebook); or more complex depending on kids’ age and abilities. They can also be an occasional treat or candy from the Bulk Food section {gummy spiders are our favourite!}

The baking sheet keeps everything contained.

Click here for a checklist of Surprise Bag ideas for your next road trip or plane ride!

Rice Bottle I-Spy

How it works

Gather up your supplies

  • water bottle

  • rice

  • hot glue

  • little objects: q-tips, pin, mini dinosaur, car, dice, pom pom, toothpick, bobby pin...etc.

Fill the empty water bottle with tiny objects. Add rice. Ensure cap is sealed with hot glue, so that nothing escapes. Kids take turns playing "I Spy" with the hidden treasures. {You can even make a simple checklist for early readers}.

Store Bought Activities

If you're strapped for time to plan and organize, you can still bring along tech-free games and activities to keep them busy and occupied.

Dollar Stores are fully equipped with busy activities for kids (many are mess-free!) Some of my favourites are:

  • Colour Wonder (Crayola)

  • Water Wow (Melissa and Doug)

  • Magnetic drawing boards (similar to Etch a Sketch)

  • Magnetic puzzles

  • Notebooks

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas, and have some activities in your back pocket for the next time you travel with your family.

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What are your travel plans this summer? Near or far?

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