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Small group learning


A progressive movement in private girls' education, based in an inviting home setting.


Our school design is built upon the most current educational research and learning theories, about how girls learn best. We offer premium instruction and learning environments for a holistic education. Our programme is informed by the work of John Dewey, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky in the field of Education, offering a sound, research-based approach.


"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein.

Play is so essential to healthy child development, that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights declared it a right of every child.  Not only is play critical for optimal brain development, it is how children learn best. Through play, children learn to communicate, negotiate, problem-solve, and practice skills of everyday living. They develop their imagination, their dexterity, and their physical, cognitive and emotional intelligences.


You won't find any worksheets at Brillante Beginnings. Instead, children are offered "learning invitations" or "provocations" which encourage active exploration, experimentation and discovery. As children form theories, they are encouraged to refine and reflect on their thinking with the support of their teacher. 

Arts-Infused Learning

Arts-infused experiences are the main learning medium at Brillante Beginnings.

Literacy and numeracy skills are honed through engaging and interactive experiences in visual art, dance, drama and music.

Nature Explorations

Nature explorations and outdoor education are built into the day. In our beautiful outdoor classroom, children learn to develop mindfulness within themselves, and stewardship for the environment. The natural world holds much wonder for children to explore with all their senses, and inspires children to play, create and explore in rich and unique ways.

Character and Etiquette

Etiquette, character education and disciplined listening are honed through daily practice and role-play. Opportunities for children to work together, to appreciate different perspectives, and to practice empathy are embedded in daily experiences and instruction.  Children learn best in a predictable, organized and structured setting, and routines and high expectations are core to our delivery.

Cooking and Baking

Wholesome snacks are prepared fresh for children daily, and children will have opportunities to follow simple recipes to prepare their own healthful snacks as part of the programme.

Skills for Independence

Skills for independence (active listening, cooking, baking, cleaning, setting the table, washing dishes, gardening) are practiced routinely and embedded into classroom instruction. 

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At Brillante Beginnings, we believe in making learning visible. Assessment is embedded in instruction, to push children's learning forward through a supported and scaffolded approach. 

You will find evidence of her learning through: documentation, "living" portfolios, as well as through social media channels. By making learning visible, children celebrate their growth and learn to recognize areas to build upon.


We are a progressive movement in private Kindergarten education for girls,

based in an inviting home setting.

We integrate creative exploration with structured and disciplined learning.


Our students are worldly, compassionate, and self-confident:

with a thirst for knowledge to spark their educational journey.














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