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Teacher Alana Chernecki

Alana is a mother of three young girls, wife, arts advocate and lifelong learner.

During her career as a teacher, in addition to teaching her beautiful students; Alana worked with teachers, educational assistants, consultants and teachers-in-training to plan meaningful learning experiences and authentic assessment strategies to promote student understanding.

Alana has served on several provincial curriculum committees, writing and developing curriculum for educators across Manitoba.

She has facilitated interactive workshops for educators, parents and administrators locally and internationally, and has taught pre-service teachers at the University level.

Alana continues to volunteer as a Member-at-Large for the Reggio-Inspired Coalition of Educators, for her children's Parent Council, and serves as the teacher-director of her church's Sunday School programme.


In her work outside of teaching, Alana works as an education consultant and designer where she creates inspiring environments for children.  Her work has been featured in:

Featured in


Matt Adkins

Matthew Adkins,

Vice Principal (and dad of 3)

Alana  is a leading educator in Manitoba and an advocate for creating authentic learning experiences for young children.  She designs hands-on learning environments for children and engages them through the arts, play and exploration of the natural world.  Her contributions to the education system in Manitoba have been innumerable as well as her presentations at National and International Education Conferences.  She truly believes in the development of the whole child in a kind and caring manner.

Anne McMurdo

Anne McMurdo, Kindergarten Teacher

Alana is a passionate educator, full of creative ideas and knowledge to move children's learning forward. She creates inviting and inspiring spaces for children, where they are free to explore and discover, and encouraged to think critically and creatively.

I highly recommend Brillante Beginnings for anyone looking for a superior program for their young child.

Pat Furman

Pat Furman, Director

Robertson Early

Enrichment Program

Alana is a caring and nurturing educator, with an ability to engage all children in learning and new discoveries. Her artful approach to teaching makes learning truly joyful. Her students make huge strides in literacy, numeracy and social development, and through her creative instruction, students truly love learning alongside her.

Her extensive knowledge in educational research and best practice make her a leader in the field.

Val Noseworthy

Val Noseworthy, 


Department of Education

Alana is a wonderfully caring and inspiring teacher. Her creative and exciting lessons draw out the joy of learning and exploration from her students. Alana sees the potential and talents of each child and designs learning experiences that suit and engage the learners. Her knowledge and application of Reggio teaching approaches make her classrooms a hit with both students and their parents.

Kim Adair

Kim Adair-Gagnon,

Instructional Support Teacher

Alana has a gift in anchoring students' learning through hands-on, artful experiences, affording them with many opportunities to express themselves. She engages her students so deeply, academic achievement flourishes.

 Alana’s passion for empowering children through play-based, experiential discovery coupled with her gentle guidance and prompting to deepen their inquiry, is truly inspiring.  I highly recommend Alana to any parent looking for a quality education for their young child.

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