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Inspiring learing environment


Neuroscientists recognize the importance of creating an enriching environment, and providing engaging and stimulating experiences for young children. These experiences play a critical role in the development of the brain architecture. (Centre on the Developing Child, Harvard University)

At Brillante Beginnings, we strive to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere, surrounded by inspiration, serene beauty and engaging teacher-curated materials, toys and tools for learning. 

Through a Reggio-inspired approach, open-ended materials {loose parts}, high quality art supplies, cozy textures and highest quality children's literature nurture children's creativity and provide food for the child's inquisitive soul.

Thoughtful "provocations" (invitations to learn, play and create) are prepared daily, to pique students' curiosity, to promote problem solving and critical thinking.

Our beautiful indoor and outdoor learning environments spark and inspire joyful learning, collaboration and creativity.

Loose parts


At Brillante Beginnings, we believe that the Environment has profound transformative power to shape attitudes, behaviour and learning.

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